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At Jankowski Agency, Inc., we’re committed to providing you the best life insurance coverage and rates offered by a wide range of providers.


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    Life Insurance: Frequently Asked Questions

    Which Type of Life Insurance is Right For Me?

    The three main types of life insurance are Term, Universal, and Whole Life. To learn more about each type and which may be right for you, click here.

    How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

    Some different options for determining how much life insurance to purchase:.
    • Call us
    • Rule of Thumb: A simple rule of thumb is to purchase insurance equal to ten times your annual earnings.  For example, if your earn $40,000 we would recommend $400,000 in Life Insurance.
    • Use a calculator to determine how much life insurance to buy.

    What Are The Relative Costs of the Different Types of Life Insurance?

    This chart gives a rough idea of the relative costs of whole life, universal life, and various term life insurances.
    life insurance cost

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    Life Insurance Agent Near Me

    Looking for a life insurance agent near me? Jankowski Agency, Inc. provides term and universal life insurance policies in upstate New York, specifically areas in and around Gloversville, Johnstown, Amsterdam, Broadalbin, Mayfield, and Galway. Contact one of our agents, fill out a quick life insurance quote request form, or enter information about yourself to get a detailed life insurance quote.

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