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John W. Jankowski became a real estate broker in 1949 and worked out of his house at 14 First Ave, Broadalbin. In 1956, John and Natalie Jankowski became licensed in insurance. James Jankowski was employed in 1969 to sell insurance and real estate. The business was moved to its present location at 7 West Main St Broadalbin. They rented the building for the next 11 years.

In 1980 the agency bought and renovated the building. The Agency was incorporated in 1985. Debbie Kearns joined the agency in 1989. Katrina Owens joined the agency in 2004 with 16 years insurance experience. Alicia Elmendorf joined the agency in 2019 with 8 years of insurance experience. Diane Phibbs joined the agency in 2022 with 24 years of insurance experience. Joshua Jankowski joined the agency in 2024 for 3 years of insurance experience.

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Office in Broadalbin, NY

About Us at Jankowski - Insurance Agency Building in Broadalbin, NY


Jim Jankowski

Jim Jankowski

518-883-3415, ext. 23
518-876-8380 (direct phone number)

Katrina Owens

Katrina Owens

Vice President
518-883-3415, ext. 25
518-876-8383 (direct phone number)

Deb Kearns

Debbie Kearns

Office Manager
518-883-3415, ext. 21
518-876-8382 (direct phone number)

Alicia Elmendorf

Alicia Elmendorf

Agent / CSR
518-883-3415, ext. 27
518-876-8381 (direct phone number)

Josh Jankowski

Josh Jankowski

Marketing Manager
518-883-3415, ext. 22
518-876-8385 (direct phone number)

Diane Phibbs

Agent / CSR
518-883-3415, ext. 28
518-876-8384 (direct phone number)

Fulton Montgomery
Regional Chamber of Commerce

Jankowski Agency, Inc. is a proud member of the Fulton Montgomery Regional Chamber of Commerce, with insurance service areas in and around upstate New York.

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