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If you live in a flood zone you may be required to get flood insurance for your home. Enter some information and we’ll get started on your flood insurance quote.

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    Note: If this is a policy with a standard company, the rates will be the same. If this is a bank forced policy, we can quote it.

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    If it’s a condo, does the association have a master policy?

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    If yes, is it walled and roofed?

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    Does any portion of the basement go below ground?

    Is there a garage?

    Have you had any claims or losses in the past 5 years?

    Desired Insurance Amounts

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    Enclosure Information Needed for A or V Zones

    The lowest floor is elevated by:

    Enclosure Area Material

    Is this area used for any purpose other than building access, parking, or storage?

    Is this area finished space (more than 20 linear ft of finished wall, paneling, etc)?

    flood insurance quote

    Flood Insurance Near Me

    Worried about rising water levels and looking for flood insurance near me? Jankowski Agency, Inc. can help. We offer flood insurance for New York State with special focus on the Fulton Montgomery areas such as Gloversville, Johnstown, Amsterdam, Broadalbin, Mayfield, Galway, and more. Contact someone at the agency or fill out the form above to get a detailed auto insurance quote.

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